Japan Johkasou Education Center, the antecedent of JECES, was founded in 1966 as an educational and research institution for training technicians of installation, maintenance and desludging of johkasou, as well as for developing technologies of johkasou. In 1980, the center was recognized as a foundation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and was renamed Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation (JECES).

JECES is the only professional educational and research institution on johkasou systems in Japan. JECES provides a leadership role in both education and research on johkasou systems. For a johkasou, especially for a small-scale johkasou, as the treatment performance is highly depended on whether appropriate operation and maintenance is carried out or not, JECES has concentrated its enthusiasm and energies on training johkasou technicians and developing technologies for operation and maintenance of johkasou systems. JECES has trained more than one hundred thousand qualified johkasou technicians, and developed the core technologies of johkasou systems. JECES has been offering technical information to the administration in making technical standards and regulations. JECES' activities have contributed greatly to the appropriate installation, operation and maintenance, desludging and inspection of johkasou systems.

To meet the growing needs for domestic wastewater treatment and environment conservation, JECES has been offering technical advice to municipalities to help them in making their Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plan and promoting johkasou installation. JECES has also launched several new projects recently for reusing of sludge and treated water of johkasou. JECES will continue to offer technical services for municipalities, manufactures and technicians who are concerning to or engaged in johkasou industry.


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Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikukawa Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan 130-0024

Tel +81-3-3635-4800 Fax +81-3-3655-4886
Location map: Google MAP link

5 min. from Kikukawa sta. (Exit A1, Shinjuku Line)

6 min. from Morishita sta. (Exit A5, Oedo Line)

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