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Examination qualifying Johkasou Operation

Examination qualifying Johkasou Operation

JECES executes the examination for qualifying Johkasou Operator as the only designated institution by the Minister of the Environment.

JECES also executes the examination for qualifying Johkasou Installation Worker as the only designated institution by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Training Programs for Qualifying Johkasou Technicians

   JECES executes training courses for qualifying Johkasou Operator and Johkasou  

  Installation Worker as the only designated examination institution by Minister of the

  Environment and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, respecting JECE

  also provides other training programs showing below for johkasou technicians.


  Training course for qualifying johkasou operator

 Training course for qualifying johkasou

 installation worker

 Training program for johkasou technical

 Training program for johkasou desludging

 Training program for johkasou inspector

Special seminar for johkasou desludging workers
Special seminar on O&M records of small-scale johkasou
Special seminar on O&M of compact type johkasou
Special seminar on desludging practice of compact type johkasou

Research and Development

With the aim of providing practical solution to water pollution, research and development have been carried out by JECES focusing on developing techniques for onsite wastewater treatment, and techniques for operation, maintenance and inspection of johkasou. JECES also helps municipalities to promote their domestic wastewater treatment in making the Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plan.

Recent research projects

  • Effect of ground food waste on small-scale johkasou
  • Study on reduction and reuse of johkasou sludge
  • Development of water quality measurement instrument for remote monitoring of johkasou
  • Effect of inflow of foreign matter and chemicals on treatment function of johkasou
  • Development of johkasou maintenance systems with IT technologies
  • Investigation on accuracy management of legal inspection of johkasou

National Conference on Johkasou Technology

A national conference on johkasou technology is sponsored by JECES annually. During the conference, administrators, manufactures, johkasou technicians, scholars and other environmental stake-holders come together for exchanging information and discussing issues about johkasou systems. Also, an exhibition of johkasou and related products is held during the conference.

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A monthly magazine JOHKASOU and an academic journal JOHKASOU KENKYU are published by JECES. Monthly JOHKASOU offers hot and active information on johkasou systems including technical reports, trend of the administration and municipalities on johkasou affairs, etc; JOHKASOU KENKYU deals with papers that conduct studies on wastewater treatment and water pollution, especially on technical issues of johkasou systems. JECES has published a series of books on johkasou engineering as well as other technologies of wastewater treatment and pollution control.

International Cooperation

Johkasou is a unique system of decentralized treatment systems born in Japan. There are various types of johkasou with different treatment performance levels, so they can be applied to both developing and developed countries for sustainable decentralized treatment at a low cost. JECES has held seminars on johkasou systems for visitors from overseas. JECES has joined international cooperation projects for transferring johkasou technology to other countries. JECES expects international cooperation with organizations of other countries in decentralized treatment technologies.

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