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Johkasou Forum

1. About the purpose of establishing the "johkasou forum"

 In order to build a sound water cycle in terms of environmental conservation, it is important to take measures not only for wastewater from factories, but also for domestic wastewater discharged from households.

 Regarding domestic wastewater countermeasures, it is ideal that each and every resident should understand the importance of environmental conservation and act accordingly, rather than leaving the activities of residents who support them to the government. While activities related to the prevention of wastewater pollution are becoming active year by year, the current situation is that the progress of domestic wastewater treatment has not progressed as much as expected, probably because most of the domestic wastewater treatment is difficult for residents to see.

 In addition, there are many people who are enthusiastically working on the conservation of the water environment in rivers, lakes, marshes, etc. and the promotion of aquatic activities. As a result, exchanges are limited, and a nationwide network for exchanging information necessary to further improve activities, such as methods of activities and scientific knowledge, has not yet been built.

 Therefore, through johkasou, which can raise the environmental awareness of residents as a living and environment-oriented facility where you can experience the environmental conservation effects by treating domestic wastewater in your daily life, we will promote environmental conservation activities related to water. In order to revitalize it and build a nationwide network of information exchanges among NPOs and others, we have established the "johkasou forum" with the participation of all concerned.

2. "johkasou forum" roster

johkasou forum list (titles omitted) as of August 30, 8
(In alphabetical order)
Fumihiko Jiku
Professor Emeritus, Ryukoku University
Tamiko Akahoshi
Yoshimi Ikushima
Representative of the Ayase River Lovers Association
Masao Oishi
River friendly johkasou forum Saitama representative
Masahiro Ohta
Former Mayor of Doshi Village, Yamanashi Prefecture
Hiroshi Ogawa
Professor, Faculty of Social Environment, Tokoha University
Shikata Hachiman
Former Mayor of Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture
Ayako Fujii
Representative of NPO Nanohana Project Network
Hideo Masu
Deputy Director of NPO Waterside Infrastructure Association
Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3635-4880 (Switchboard),

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