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Reiwa4 Johkasou Operator exam pass announcement

Reiwa4 Johkasou Operator exam pass announcement

 The results of the Johkasou Operator test conducted on Reiwa4/10/23 (Sun) at 5 venues nationwide (Miyagi, Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka and Fukuoka prefectures) are as follows.

 Number of test applicants: 1.169
 Number of examinees scheduled to take the exam: 1,164
 Number of examinees: 1,049
 Exam rate: 90.1%
 Acceptance criteria: Overall score of 64 points or more
 Number of successful applicants: 226
 Pass rate: 21.5%

 Please refer to this website for the examinee numbers, exam questions, and answers of successful applicants.
 Please note that the notification of pass/fail and the publication of the examinee number in the Official Gazette are as follows:11/22 (Tuesday)... is my plans.

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