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Greetings from the Chairman

Johkasou and the Role of Our Education Center
Chairman Hideto Yoshida

 In April 2012, the Japan Environmental Education Center made a new start as the "Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation." Since the founding of the Japan Johkasou Education Center, the predecessor of this Education Center, in 1966, it has played a central role in the fields of education and research related to johkasou in Japan. Since its founding, in order to contribute to the conservation of the living environment and the improvement of public health in the region by optimizing the construction and maintenance of johkasou, we have been actively working with administrative agencies and research institutes on issues related to the training of professional engineers of johkasou, technical improvement, and domestic wastewater.

 In May 1983, along with the enactment of the Johkasou Act, we were designated by the Minister of Health and Welfare as an institution for conducting national examinations and training for Johkasou Operators. After that, in March 2011, we were designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Minister of the Environment as an organization that conducts national examinations and training for Johkasou Installation Workers. As a responsible position, I would like to promote the training of engineers related to johkasou's construction and maintenance management. In addition, we are actively providing technical cooperation, such as conducting field surveys in cooperation with people in the affected areas to determine the extent of damage to johkasou caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and proposing proposals for the rapid restoration of proper domestic wastewater treatment systems.

 As this century is said to be the century of the environment and the century of water, conservation of the water environment has become an extremely important issue. Due to the revision of the Johkasou Act in May 2005 and the revision in June 2019, johkasou has been positioned as a facility that achieves the public interest purpose of contributing to water quality conservation in public water areas. johkasou is one of the "keys" to the regional circulation and ecological sphere, which greatly contributes to the formation of a recycling-oriented society. We believe this is a system that can comprehensively contribute to maintenance.

 Based on the achievements of johkasou survey research and technology development cultivated over many years, our mission is the training, technical improvement and continuous education of johkasou related engineers, dissemination and dissemination of information on the johkasou system, international exchange, etc. The SDGs adopted by the United Nations in 2015 set a goal of halving untreated wastewater by 2030. At present, the world is making major efforts to conserve the water environment and improve public health. As a responsible public interest incorporated foundation, all of our officers and employees will work together to fulfill our social role.
Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
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