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 Our corporation is the only educational and research institute in Japan related to johkasou, and since its establishment, we have actively conducted surveys and research not only about johkasou, but also about various environmental problems related to domestic wastewater treatment. The result became the prototype of the structural standards of johkasou in Showa 44 and Showa 63, and was used as the technical basis for establishing the maintenance and management standards.
 These things have promoted the optimization of johkasou manufacturing, construction, and maintenance, and have greatly contributed to the improvement of the living environment and the improvement of public health.

 At the time of our founding, johkasou was treated as a temporary facility until the public sewage system became widespread. However, from the Johkasou Act in Showa 58 and the practical development of the compact type johsakou from Showa 62, due to the development and practical use and the enhancement of the public financial measures system, etc., it has come to occupy an important position as a permanent domestic wastewater treatment facility.
 In addition, many research results have been used as an important basis for training johkasou construction and maintenance engineers, enriching the contents of various workshops, and educating the progress of johkasou's technology in line with reality.

 In addition, it can be said that the establishment of the Johkasou Act has greatly contributed to the establishment of the Johkasou Act due to the improvement of the morals and social status of those involved in johkasou and the development of related industries.
 In addition, with the practical application of small-scale combined treatment johkasou, which has the same treatment performance and effluent quality as public sewers, is highly effective in preventing water pollution, and has advanced functions that help improve the water environment around us. The role played in the development of the johkasou installation maintenance business was great.
 However, on the other hand, the administrator (installer) of the purification tank, related industries such as manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance, cleaning, etc., specified inspecting agency, related administrative agencies, etc. I think there are still many issues left in the future to see if JOHKASOU can fully maintain its functions to meet expectations, such as the enhancement of the system for linking the two.

 It is also important to actively promote the development of new technologies such as measures to convert existing independent treatment facilities to joint treatment, measures to treat sludge, which is the fate of water treatment, measures against nitrogen and phosphorus, and the use of membrane treatment technology.
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