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Showa 41/8
Foundation of Japan Johkasou Education Center
Showa 46/6
Moved the office to 1-2 Sadohara-cho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Hoken Kaikan
Showa 50/6
Changed name to Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation Corporation
Showa 51/4
The secretary general system was abolished, and the general affairs department and educational affairs department were established.
Showa 54/4
Opened analysis room
Showa 55/2
Dissolved the Japan Environmental Education Center Corporation and established the Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation Public Foundation.
Showa 56/4
Expanded research department
Showa 59/9
Moved the office to 3-33-2 Haramachi, Shinjuku-ku
October 61
Expanded business department
Heisei 11/12
Moved the office to 2-23-3 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku
Heisei 13/7
Partial revision of the secretariat organization regulations, the general affairs section of the general affairs department was changed to the general affairs section, the first and second sections of the educational affairs section were changed to the management section and the training section, and the business affairs section was changed to the planning section and information section of the planning and information department.
Heisei 20/4
Partial revision of the secretariat organization regulations to change the department/division system to a group/team system (7 groups/6 teams). The general manager shall be the group leader, and the deputy manager/section manager shall be the team leader.
Heisei 23/3
Designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Minister of the Environment as a designated organization for the Johkasou Installation Worker test and the Johkasou Installation Worker course.
Heisei 23/4
Part of the secretariat organization regulations was newly revised, and the national test business group (Johkasou Operator test team, Johkasou Installation Worker test team), training business group (Johkasou Operator training team, Johkasou Installation Worker training team), research・Research groups (Investigation Research Team 1, Investigation Research Team 2).
Heisei 24/4
Dissolved the Japan Environmental Education Center and established the Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
Heisei 25/7
Established the johkasou System International Cooperation Center
Reiwa 4/7
Partial revision of the secretariat organization regulations, the general affairs group and finance group will be integrated into the general affairs group, the national examination business group and training business group will be integrated into the business planning group, and the planning information group will become the information/IT group.

Organization Chart

Business content of each group

Business contents
General affairs
① Basic policies for organization and operation, general coordination of operations, personnel affairs, board of directors, board of trustees, etc.
② Disaster prevention plans and measures to deal with aging facilities (including consideration of funding, etc.)
③ Work style reform of staff, etc.
④Clerical work related to financial management, budget, settlement of accounts, work related to monetary income and expenditure, etc.
⑤ Establishment of grounds for payment of examination and workshop fees
⑥ Calculation of transfers from profitable business accounting to public interest business accounting
Business Planning
① Comprehensive planning, drafting and promotion of the johkasou business
② Johkasou Operator Examination, Johkasou Installation Worker Examination, as well as work related to license issuance
③Johkasou Operator training, Johkasou Installation Worker training, and other work related to training training for johkasou-related engineers, etc.
① Affairs of the johkasou and technical research meetings, the study group of prefectures and ordinance-designated city johkasou personnel, and the johkasou maintenance and management technology review committee
② johkasou research grants and research encouragement affairs
③ Technical guidance and dissemination and enlightenment work related to johkasou, etc.
④Administration related to editing and publication of teaching materials, books, journals and summaries, etc., and sales of books, journals and audiovisual media
⑤ Planning and promotion of digitization of operations, maintenance of ledgers (electronic) for qualified personnel, etc.
⑥ Online course and Johkasou CPD
Survey / research
Investigative research related to the prevention of water, air, and soil pollution in johkasou and domestic wastewater, work related to the training and training of engineers, etc.
johkasou System International Cooperation Center
① International cooperation, exchange, collection and dissemination of information related to the johkasou system, etc.
② Correspondence to ISO (construction of an international certification system)


Doctor of engineering
8 people
Odor judge
1 person
Master of Agriculture
1 people
Oxygen Deficiency/Hydrogen Sulfide Hazardous Operations Chief
9 people
Johkasou Operator
7 people
Environmental measurer (concentration related)
1 person
Johkasou Installation Worker
2 people
Junior high school teacher license
1 person
Johkasou Inspector
2 people
Specialized Junior High School Teacher's License
1 person
1st class piping construction management engineer
1 person
First class high school teacher's license
1 person
Professional Engineer (Sanitary Engineering Department)
6 people
Senior High School Teaching License
1 person
Type 1 Water Pollution Control Manager
3 people

Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3635-4880 (Switchboard),

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