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Documents required when applying for the Johkasou Operator exam

Please see below for the documents required to apply for the Johkasou Operator exam.

Documents required for online examination application

ID photo image
 ・Please prepare a photo taken within 6 months before the application, without a hat, front view, upper body, and plain background.
 ・If you upload a photo (JPEG/PNG) at the time of application, the size can be adjusted.
 - Wearing sunglasses, a mask, covering your eyes, etc., or snaps or things that make it difficult to see your face
  Photos are not allowed.
 ・When applying online with a smartphone, it is possible to take a photo at the time of application.

Transfer payment acceptance certificate
・Please pay the tuition fee at a post office, bank, or Internet banking.
  (The transfer fee will be borne by the transferor.)
 ・Payment method for online application Click here for the guidelines. 
  1.A sample payment form from the post office is Click here for the guidelines. 
    ⇒After payment, please attach the "transfer payment invoice and receipt" when applying.
  2.Download bank transfer form Click here for the guidelines. 
    ⇒ After payment, please attach a "Transfer Receipt" at the time of application.
  3.When using a bank ATM or Internet banking
    ⇒ After payment, please attach a "payment slip" etc. at the time of application.
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