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Information on Exam for Johkasou Installation Workers

1. Test date and time

 Sunday, Reiwa 5/7/9 from 12:30 to 17:10
 (academic: 12:30-15:30, practical: 16:10-17:10)

2. Test Site

 Miyagi Prefecture/Tokyo Metropolitan Area/Aichi Prefecture/Osaka Prefecture/Fukuoka Prefecture

3. Testing Requirements

 (Those who fall under any of the following A, B, or C)
A. Academic background and required years of work experience (calculated as of March 3, 31)
Educational History
Years of work experience
Designated department
Other than designated department
After graduating from university
After graduating from a vocational school "advanced diploma"
More than 1 years
1 year and 6 months or more
After graduating from junior college
After graduating from a college of technology (5 years)
After completing the first semester of a professional university
After graduating from a vocational school
More than 2 years
More than 3 years
After graduating from high school
After graduating from a vocational school
(Other than "Advanced Diploma" and "Diploma")
More than 3 years
4 year and 6 months or more
Others (regardless of educational background)
More than 8 years
  1. “Designated department” means a department (civil engineering, urban engineering, sanitary engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or architecture) specified by a ministerial ordinance and a department recognized as being equivalent thereto.At the time of application, applicants are required to submit a certificate of graduation from the last educational background that is directly related to their eligibility to take the entrance examination.
  2. “Work experience” refers to on-site construction experience in “johkasou installation work or construction to change its structure or scale”, and sales, design, operation and maintenance, cleaning, guidance, education, research, etc. of johkasou I will not enter.
The details of the "designated department" will be the same as the plumbing construction management technology test.
B. A person who has passed the 1st or 2nd grade plumbing construction management technology test under the Construction Business Act
 *Those who have passed the technical examination refer to those who have passed the second examination (piping construction management engineer), and do not include those who have passed the first examination (piping construction management engineer assistant).
C.Those who have passed a skill test based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Law (former Vocational Training Law) with a class 1 or class 2 plumber (construction plumbing work).
 However, for those who have passed the 16nd grade plumbing (building plumbing work) since 2, those who have more than 4 years of practical experience in the same category
 *Including "air conditioning equipment plumbing", "plumbing plumbing plumbing" or "plumber" under the Vocational Training Act Enforcement Ordinance before revision

4. Exam Fee

 31,700 yen *Tax-free transaction

5. Distribution of application forms

 The application form for the examination is 1 copy 300 yen (shipping fee not included).

6. Reception period

 From Reiwa 5/4/3 (Monday) to Reiwa 5/5/22 (Monday)

7. Exam Information

8. Contact Information

 Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
 130-0024 Sumida-ku, Kikugawa 2-23-3
 Tel: 03-3635-4881
Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikugawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3635-4880 (Switchboard),

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