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Johkasou Desludging Staff Practical Training Information

Subject matter

  This education center provides training for those who actually engage in johkasou's cleaning work to acquire basic knowledge and skills related to proper cleaning work.

Course content

1. Class Time
 10 hours 15 minutes (2 days)
2. Subjects and Number of Hours
(1) Mechanism of the Johkasou Act1 hour 15 minutes(3) types of johkasou3 hours
(2) Structure of johkasou
1 hour
(4) Desludging
5 hours


  Be a person who is actually engaged in johkasou's desludging work

Tuition fee

 21,600 yen

Important points to note when applying

 1. In principle, the location of the training course you applied for cannot be changed after your application has been accepted.
 2. As a general rule, tuition fees cannot be refunded once your application has been accepted.
 3. If a course is cancelled due to an accident caused by a natural disaster or other force majeure, the next course will be cancelled.
  However, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to applicants.
  , expenses, and other personal damages are not liable.

Download bank transfer form (for training)

○ Download the bank transfer form (for training)please use this form.
・Please fill in the necessary information in the fields such as "Requester" and "Amount".
・Please read the instructions carefully and make the transfer at a bank counter.
・After payment, please be sure to attach a copy of the “transfer receipt” to the designated field on the course application form.


Course period and course venue


Training location
course period
Reception period
2nd Tokushima
Reiwa6/7/13 (Sat) - 7/14 (Sun)
Reiwa6/6/3 (Mon) - 6/14 (Fri)
Institutions accepting application forms
Tokushima Prefecture Environmental Conservation Association
779-3601 Haihara, Wakimachi, Mima City, 2759-1 Iwamoto Sogyo Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0883-53-1233
Seminar venue
Tokushima Prefectural Education Hall (main building 5F hall)
770-0003 Kitadamiya, Tokushima 1-8-68
Tel: 088-633-1511


Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
130-0024 Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Kikukawa 2-23-3
Tel: 03-3635-4882

*Institutions accepting the above application forms
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