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Johkasou Technical Supervisor Training Information

Subject matter

 Based on Article 10, Paragraph 2 of the Johkasou Act, training sessions are for training Johkasou Technical Supervisors, who are to be placed with johkasou at a scale of 501 or more persons to be processed, and which are held by the Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation.
 The Johkasou Act stipulates that a johkasou manager must appoint a Johkasou Technical Supervisor to handle technical work related to operation, maintenance, and cleaning for large-scale johkasou with 501 or more employees.
 Johkasou, which has 501 or more employees to be treated, is subject to regulations regarding the quality of its effluent as a specified facility under the Water Pollution Control Law, and its work requires advanced knowledge and technology.The purpose of this seminar is to make use of the experience based on the field as a Johkasou Operator to acquire the technical skills to improve the quality as a general manager of a larger johkasou.

Course content

1. Class Time
 20 hours (3 days)
2. Subjects and Number of Hours
(1) Role of Johkasou Technical Supervisor
3 hours(4) Management technology
5 hours
(2) Overall management
4 hours
(5) System repair/improvement
2 hours
(3) Basic knowledge for facility management
5 hours(6) Data processing technology
1 hour


 On the final day (3rd day), examinations (examinations) will be conducted for all subjects from (1) to (6) above. Implementation time is 1 hour.


 Be a Johkasou Operator.

Tuition fee

 56,400 yen *Tax-free transaction

Important points to note when applying

 1. In principle, the location of the training course you applied for cannot be changed after your application has been accepted.
 2. As a general rule, tuition fees cannot be refunded once your application has been accepted.
 3. If a course is cancelled or an answer sheet is not accepted due to a natural disaster or other unavoidable accident,
  If you are unable to take the test, we will transfer you to the next class.
  We are not liable for any inconvenience, expenses, or other personal damages incurred by applicants as a result of these actions.
  To do.

Download bank transfer form (for training)

○ Download the bank transfer formplease use this form.
 ・Please fill in the necessary information in the fields such as "Requester" and "Amount".
 ・Please read the instructions carefully and make the transfer at a bank counter.
 ・ After payment, please receive a “transfer receipt”.CopyPlease be sure to paste this in the designated field on the course application form.


Course period and course venue


Training location
course period
Reception period
32th Miyagi
Reiwa6/12/4 (Wed) - 12/6 (Fri)
Reiwa6/10/21 (Mon) - 11/1 (Fri)
Institutions accepting application forms
Public Interest Incorporated Association Miyagi Living Environment Business Association
983-0035 Sendai City, Miyagino Ward, Hinodecho 2-5-15
Tel: 022-783-8070
Seminar venue
Hotel Crescent
982-0241 Sendai, Taihaku-ku, Akiu-cho, Yumotoyukizawa 1-2
Tel: 022-397-3111


Training location
course period
Reception period
149th Tokyo
Reiwa6/8/21 (Wed) - 8/23 (Fri)
Reiwa6/7/8 (Mon) - 7/19 (Fri)
150th Tokyo
Reiwa6/10/23 (Wed) - 10/25 (Fri)
Reiwa6/9/17 (Tues) - 9/27 (Fri)
Institutions accepting application forms
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
130-0024 Sumida-ku, Kikukawa 2-23-3
Tel: 03-3635-4882
Seminar venue
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation 2nd floor large training room
130-0024 Sumida-ku, Kikukawa 2-23-3
Tel: 03-3635-4880
*In accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance and Sumida City Passive Smoking Measures, smoking is prohibited inside and outside the venue, on the streets, in parks, etc.Smoking is prohibited outside of designated areas. Please note that there are no smoking areas at this venue or in the vicinity.


Training location
course period
Reception period
38th Aichi
Reiwa6/7/23 (Tues) to 7/25(Thurs)
Reiwa6/6/10 (Mon) - 6/21 (Fri) 
Institutions accepting application forms
Aichi Prefecture johkasou Association
453-0017 Nagoya Nakamura-ku, Noritake Hondori 1-31
Tel: 052-481-7200
Seminar venue
Chusanren Building
461-0011 Shirakabe, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 3-12-13
Tel: 052-931-9431


Training location
course period
Reception period
31th Osaka
Reiwa6/11/12 (Tues) - 11/14 (Thurs)
Reiwa6/9/30 (Mon) - 10/11 (Fri)
Institutions accepting application forms
General Incorporated Association Osaka Environmental Water Quality Guidance Association
591-8032 Sakai City, Kita Ward, Mozu Umecho 1-24-3
Tel: 072-256-1056
Seminar venue
PLP Hall
530-0041 Osaka, Kita Ward, Tenjinbashi 3-9−27
Tel: 06-6351-5860


Training location
course period
Reception period
37th Fukuoka
Reiwa7/1/22 (Wed) - 1/24 (Fri)
Reiwa6/12/2 (Mon) - 12/13 (Fri) 
Institutions accepting application forms
Fukuoka Prefecture johkasou Association
811-2412 Kasuya-gun, Sasaguri-cho, Otsuinu 966-7
Tel: 092-947-1800
Seminar venue
Fukuoka Life Sanitation Food Hall
812-0044 Fukuoka City, Hakata-ku, Chiyo 1-2-4
Tel: 092-651-5553


 Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
 130-0024 Sumida-ku, Kikugawa 2-23-3
 Tel: 03-3635-4882
 National Federation of Johkasou Organizations
 162-0844 Shinjuku-ku, Ichigaya Hachimancho 13 Tokyo Yofuku Kaikan 7F
 Tel: 03-3267-9757

 *Institutions accepting the above application forms
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