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Compact type johkasou operation and maintenance practical workshop information

Subject matter

 Until now, johkasou has been developed, manufactured, and installed in accordance with the "soil johkasou structural standards" stipulated in Article 32 of the Enforcement Order of the Building Standards Law. Most of the newly constructed johkasou now have a performance evaluation type structure.
 The treatment performance of these johkasou may be greatly affected by the inflow characteristics of domestic wastewater and maintenance work.In particular, the number of ancillary facilities has increased compared to conventional models, and advanced maintenance and management techniques are required.
 This training course is aimed at Johkasou Operators, and is conducted by our Education Center with the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of those engaged in operation and maintenance of compact-type johkasou on-site.

Course content

1. Class time

5 hours 50 minutes (1 day)

2. Subjects and number of hours

(1) Outline of compact type johkasou and concept of operation method
2 hours
(2) Practical operation and maintenance of compact type johkasou
3 hours
(3) Evaluation of treated water quality based on water quality measurement results, etc.
30 minutes
(4) Sharing and maintenance of information
20 minutes


Being a Johkasou Operator
*However, engineers related to johkasou can also take this course.

Tuition fee

17,400 yen

Seminar schedule for practical operation and maintenance of compact type johkasou

Venue and schedule


course period
Reception period
1st Toyama
Reiwa5/8/4 (Friday)
Reiwa5/6/19 (Monday) to 6/30 (Friday)
Institutions accepting application forms
Toyama Prefecture johkasou Association
〒930-0083 2-1-3 Sokuruwa, Toyama City Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building Annex 2F
Tel: 076-421-1208
Seminar venue
Toyama Industry Exhibition Hall (Techno Hall)
939 Tomosugi, Toyama 8224-1682
Tel: 076-461-3111

Application procedure

  1. Acquisition of course application documents
    Please obtain the application form from the above institution. (free)
  2. What you need when creating course application documents
    *2 photographs of your face (length 4.5cm, width 3.5cm, no hat, no background, taken from the front within 6 months before submitting the application form)
    *63 yen worth of stamps
    * A copy of the "Johkasou Operator diploma" issued under the provisions of Article 45, Paragraph 1 of the Johkasou Act
  3. How to submit the application form
    *Please send the created application form by simple registered mail to the reception organization in the venue where you wish to attend, or bring it with you during the application acceptance period.


Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation

130-0024 Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Kikukawa 2-23-3
Tel: 03-3635-4882

National Federation of Johkasou Organizations

〒162-0844 Shinjuku-ku Ichigaya Hachimancho 13 Tokyo Yofuku Kaikan 7F 
Tel: 03-3267-9757

*Institutions that accept the above application forms
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