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Information for Course I on More-Compact type Johkasou

Subject matter

 The ratio of certified structure type johkasou to new johkasou is increasing year by year, and currently, certified structure type johkasou accounts for 98% of newly installed johkasou in detached houses. New models are developed every year, and in Heisei 22, a johkasou with a smaller effective capacity than the conventional compact johkasou was developed.
 This johkasou is commonly known as the “more compact type johkasou”, and by reducing the capacity of the primary treatment unit in addition to the capacity of the secondary treatment unit, the entire johkasou has a smaller capacity, resulting in an anaerobic filtration. It has the same capacity as the anaerobic filter bed tank of the floor contact aeration method. In order to reduce the capacity of primary treatment equipment, new technologies have been added, such as the transfer of separated sludge and the reduction of sludge volume through aerobic digestion.
 Of the more compact type johkasou, this workshop focuses on the KTG and CF types, which have the most installed bases. The purpose of this training is to improve the skills of related engineers and improve their social credibility.

Course content

1. Class Time
 4 hours (1 day)
2. Subjects and Number of Hours
(1) Structure and function of KTG type and CF type2 hours
(2) Maintenance and management of KTG type and CF type
2 hours


  johkasou related engineers

Tuition fee

 10,000 yen


(The starting time may vary depending on the venue.)

Venue and schedule


course period
Reception period
3rd Gunma
Reiwa 5/9/9 (Saturday)
Reiwa 5/7/31 (Monday) to 8/10 (Thursday)
Institutions accepting application forms
Gunma Environmental Conservation Association
371-0846 Maebashi, Motosoja-cho 1120-1
Tel: 027-212-2333
Seminar venue
Gunma Prefectural Youth Hall Large Conference Room
371-0044 Aramakicho, Maebashi 2-12
Tel: 027-234-1131

Venue and schedule


course period
Reception period
1st Kagawa
Reiwa5/8/19 (Saturday)
Reiwa5/7/3 (Monday) to 7/14 (Friday)
Institutions accepting application forms
Kagawa Prefecture Environmental Conservation Association
〒760-0006 14-11 Kameokacho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture Inside Takamatsu Cleaning Co., Ltd. 
Tel: 087-831-1555
Seminar venue
Sun Messe Kagawa
761-0301 Hayashimachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 2217-1
Tel: 087-869-3333

Venue and schedule


course period
Reception period
2nd Saga
Reiwa5/11/23 (Thursday)
Reiwa5/10/9 (Monday) to 10/20 (Friday)
Institutions accepting application forms
Saga Prefecture Environmental Improvement Business Cooperative Association
842 Shimonishi, Chiyoda-cho, Kanzaki City, 0055-244
Tel: 0952-34-6261
Seminar venue
Tenzan Taku Onsen TAQUA
〒846-0002 4644-1 Kosamurai, Kitataku-cho, Taku-shi
Tel: 0952-75-7770

Application procedure

  1. Acquisition of course application documents
    Please obtain the application form from the above institution. (free)
  2. What you need when creating course application documents
    *2 photographs of your face (length 4.5cm, width 3.5cm, no hat, no background, taken from the front within 6 months before submitting the application form)
    *63 yen worth of stamps
  3. How to submit the application form
    *Please send the created application form by simple registered mail to the reception organization in the venue where you wish to attend, or bring it with you during the application acceptance period.


Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
130-0024 Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Kikukawa 2-23-3
Tel: 03-3635-4882

*Institutions accepting the above application forms
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