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In-flow Material Effects Exam

1. Necessity of evaluation test

  Regarding substances that flow into johkasou, the No. 17 Ordinance for Enforcement of the Johkasou Act, Article 1 of the Ministry of the Environment (regulations on use) stipulates that "pesticides, detergents, deodorants, oils and fats, paper diapers, sanitary products, etc. Do not let anything that interferes with normal function flow in.”

  Various substances such as detergents and cleaning agents used in domestic life, and insecticides and antifoaming agents used in johkasou maintenance may flow into johkasou. Most of them are marketed and used without consideration of their effects.

 Therefore, we will conduct an evaluation test to clarify the effects on the treatment function of johkasou, and evaluate whether or not it can be used and the conditions of use for substances that may flow into johkasou.

Recent achievements

Influence test of disposable wet wipes on the processing function of johkasou
Unicharm Corporation
Heisei 24
Influence test of toilet cleaning products on the processing function of johkasou
Hakugen Co., Ltd.
Heisei 24
Test on passage of solid products from toilet bowl to johkasou
(Company) Japan Sanitary Materials Industry Association
Heisei 24
Influence test of aquatic pesticides on the treatment function of johkasou
Arysta Life Science Agrimart Co., Ltd.
Heisei 23
Influence test of household detergents on the processing function of johkasou
Fumakilla Co., Ltd.
Heisei 23


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