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National Johkasou Technical Research Group

 This century is said to be the age of the environment and the age of water, and we are required to take measures from a new perspective toward the construction of a recycling-oriented society. In particular, johkasou is attracting attention as a recycling-type domestic wastewater treatment facility due to the growing social awareness of measures to deal with domestic wastewater. In recent years, it has played a major social role as one of the infrastructure facilities indispensable for a comfortable life.
 This research meeting has been held every year since Showa 62 as a related event of "johkasou day (10/1)" with the aim of improving the technology related to johkasou and promoting its proper spread.
 Members of the johkasou technology study group, johkasou researchers from universities and research institutes, johkasou administrators, prefectural and municipal assembly members, johkasou-related industries, and residents gather from all over the country to present research and case studies on johkasou. Providing the latest information and exchanging opinions through symposiums is expected to contribute to the conservation of the water environment and help create a comfortable living environment.
 In addition, at the research presentation, we will ask you to make a presentation on your daily experience, research, etc., such as planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, cleaning, etc. related to johkasou technology. We are planning to present a research grant to them.

Regarding the holding of the “38th National Johkasou Technology Study Group” and “46th Johkasou Administrative Personnel Study Group” in Reiwa 6

 The 38th National Johkasou Technology Study Group and the 46th Johkasou Administrative Personnel Study Group will be held in October 10 as follows.Nagasaki, NagasakiWe are pleased to announce that it will be held inWe look forward to your participation.
Reiwa6/10/30(Wednesday) and 31st (Thursday)
Dejima Messe Nagasaki
5-1 Onoe-cho, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
Co-sponsored event
The 46th johkasou administrative staff study group
Entry fee
Free (However, actual expenses such as materials will be charged.)

Call for Research Presentations (Case Studies)

  We are soliciting presentations on daily experiences, research, etc. related to johkasou technology, such as planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and cleaning.
 In addition, from among the themes announced at this technical research meeting, based on the "Research Encouragement System for Survey Research by Johkasou, etc.", no more than 1 thesis recognized as the best and no more than 2 themes recognized as excellent We will select the winners and award them at the national johkasou technology research meeting to be held in the next fiscal year, and present them with research incentives.
1.Application guidelines
 "Applications for FY2024 have now closed. Thank you for your application."
 Please fill out the following information and send it to the Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation Information/IT Group by mail, fax, or e-mail.
 1) Name of the presenter (if there are multiple researchers, mark the presenter with a circle)
 2) Presentation topic and summary (about 200 characters)
 3) Presenter's contact information (affiliation, address, name, phone/fax number, e-mail)
 Please note that the number of presentations may be adjusted depending on the program.
2.Application deadline
 Reiwa6/6/21 (Fri) *Applications are now closed.
3.Research presentation date
 Reiwa6/10/30 (Wednesday) (scheduled)
4.Contact information etc.
 Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation Information/IT Group
 130-0024-2 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 23-3
 TEL: 03-3635-4884 FAX: 03-3635-4886
 E-mail: joho@jeces.or.jp


 Information/IT Group
 TEL: 03-3635-4884 FAX: 03-3635-4886
 E-mail: joho@jeces.or.jp
Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3635-4880 (Switchboard),

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