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Johkasou Research Subsidy

 In commemoration of receiving the Health and Culture Award in October 7 and the achievements of Masayasu Kusumoto, the founder of the Education Center, the purpose of this event is to encourage research on johkasou.National Johkasou Technical Research Group, the best research projects are selected from among the research presentations and presented with research incentives.
  • Prize money
    Best project 300,000 yen
    Excellent project 100,000 yen

  • Award results (Heisei 8 - Heisei 30)
    15 best projects
    42 excellent projects

Recent three-year research encouragement and Kusumoto Prize-winning themes

Heisei 29
Excellent subject 1
"A study on the results of the employee satisfaction questionnaire survey in the johkasou field"
Masaru Ishikawa
Excellent subject 2
"Efforts of the johkasou maintenance management system using voice recognition"
Koichi Higashi
Heisei 30
Best assignment 1
"Current status of damage and repair of small-scale merger processing johkasou in Fukushima Prefecture"

Yasuhito Tanagi
Excellent subject 1
"A practical example of high-load inflow countermeasures by changing the operation of the contact aeration method to the activated sludge method"
Takuma Nishioka
Year of the reunification
Excellent subject 1
"Evaluation of johkasou treated water quality (BOD) and E.coli count before and after disinfection"

Shohei Tomoo
Excellent subject 2
“Research on Municipal Sewage Treatment Business Selection in the Era of Declining Population”

Shinichi Shigehisa
Excellent subject 3
"Maintenance based on measures to prevent deterioration of water quality"

Tomokazu Saito

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