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Johkasou Monthly

  In order to obtain the understanding and cooperation of johkasou from a wide range of citizens, including johkasou-related industries, specified inspecting agencies, municipalities and johkasou administrative agencies, and to provide the latest administrative and technical information on johkasou in a timely manner, special features In addition to publishing the journal "Johkasou Monthly," which contains articles, technical reports, cases of johkasou improvement projects, and government information, we also publish "johkasou research," a collection of peer-reviewed research papers on johkasou.

Main article of "Johkasou Monthly"

Intro Feature
  Every month, johkasou features issues and initiatives related to domestic wastewater treatment and water environment conservation.
technical report
  We will deliver new information and trends such as the development of processing technology, maintenance and cleaning, and legal examinations related to johkasou. 
Government information
  We will deliver information such as measures and initiatives of each ministry and agency regarding johkasou, annual budgets, and new trends in water environment administration. 
"Johkasou Research"
 From April 2003, the peer-reviewed journal "Johkasou Research", which had been a separate volume, was combined with "Johkasou Monthly" to publish research papers as needed. We look forward to your contributions.

"Johkasou Monthly" advertising recruitment

 "Monthly johkasou" is always looking for advertisements in the magazine.Please contact us if you are interested.


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