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 The 21st century is said to be the century of water, and there is growing interest in the treatment of domestic wastewater and its reuse as water.
  Research results of johkasou and water environment-related fields are published as "papers", "notes", "research reports", "reviews", etc. Johkasou ResearchPlease post to.
 When a submitted manuscript is accepted after peer review, we will promptlyJohkasou Monthly” will be posted on the other page.

"johkasou research" submission regulations (last revised April 2008)

1. Contributor Qualifications
 Contributors to this journal are johkasou technical study group members (including those who belong to supporting members), johkasou, and researchers and engineers in the field of water environment.
2. Manuscript type
 Manuscripts must be unpublished papers, notes, research reports, reviews, and materials related to johkasou and the water environment field.
(1) Thesis: Original content containing valuable conclusions or facts.
(2) Notes: Fragmentary research, but containing new facts and valuable data.
(3) Investigation report: A report of field research, etc., containing practically useful facts.
(4) Review articles: current status of specialized fields, current problems and future prospects, literature, etc.
(5) Materials: Materials that are considered useful for the progress of future research and investigations, such as research materials.
3. Manuscript writing
(1) The text of the manuscript should be written in either Japanese or English.
*1) Specify the title, author name, and affiliation name in Japanese and English.
*2) If the main text is in Japanese, the English abstract will be attached to the translated abstract, and if the main text is in English, the Japanese abstract will be attached.
(2) Please refer to the attached “Guidelines for Writing” for notes on how to write a manuscript.
(3) Accepted manuscripts after peer review should in principle be submitted as "complete manuscripts", but submissions of "manuscripts with text files" are also accepted.
In the case of "Complete block copy manuscript", the manuscript should be prepared according to the writing guidelines and the output sample so that it can be photomechanically processed as it is, and submitted with electronic media attached.
In the case of a "manuscript with a text file", prepare the manuscript (summary, main text, figures and tables) according to the writing guidelines and submit it with an electronic medium saved in text file format.
4. Manuscript submission and acceptance
(1) Send three printed copies of the manuscript to the Information/IT Group of Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation (hereinafter referred to as the "Education Center"). The original manuscript is retained by the author and will be revised if requested.
(2) The date of receipt of the manuscript shall be the date of arrival at the Information and IT Group of the Education Center. The items required for submission of the manuscript are as follows: 3. It is as shown in the table of (1).
5. Peer review of the manuscript
(1) Accepted manuscripts will be reviewed by the Review Committee and experts appointed by the Review Committee.
(2) The Review Committee shall consist of experts commissioned by the Education Center.
(3) The review committee will decide whether or not to publish based on the results of the review.
(4) If it is determined that there is a problem with the content of the manuscript as a result of peer review, the Information and IT Group of the Education Center will notify the author and request corrections.
(5) Submit 3 printed copies of the revised manuscript.
(6) If the revised manuscript is not submitted within 6 months, it will be treated as a resubmission.
6. Acceptance of manuscript
 The date the manuscript is accepted for publication by the peer review committee shall be the date of acceptance.
7. Submission of original manuscript (accepted manuscript)
(1) After receiving a notice of acceptance from the Information and IT Group of the Education Center, the author follows the instructions and 3. and prepare the manuscript according to the "Writing Instructions" and submit it to the Education Center.
(2) The author should keep copies and data of the manuscript (including figures and tables) at hand in case of accidents.
(3) Manuscripts will not be returned after publication.
8. publish
(1) Accepted manuscripts will be published promptly in the journal "Johkasou Research" (combined with "Johkasou Monthly").
(2) At the end of the manuscript, specify the date of acceptance and the date of acceptance.
9. Proofreading
(1) As a general rule, author proofreading at the time of printing is not performed for "complete block copy manuscripts." If the manuscript is submitted as a "manuscript with a text file", the author proofreads the manuscript once.
(2) After receiving the galley, the author must return it by the specified date.If there is a delay in returning the manuscript, it may be completed only after proofreading by the Information and IT Group of the Education Center. At this point, we do not accept any corrections other than typographical errors or insertion of words that were not in the manuscript.
10. Reprint
(1) Up to 30 copies of reprints are free of charge.
(2) If you wish to purchase more than 30 copies, please apply in units of 50 copies using the prescribed application form (to be sent to the author together with the acceptance notice).
(3) Enclose the application form when submitting the original manuscript.
11. Copyright
(1) Copyright belongs to the Education Center.
(2) Manuscripts will not be accepted for publication unless a copy of the copyright transfer form enclosed with the manuscript acceptance notice is submitted.
(3) The use of the 1st author requires a prior permission application. The Center may grant permission for reproduction or reprint permission applications from third parties.
12.Manuscript destination
 Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
 Information/IT Group "johkasou Research"
 130-0024 Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Kikukawa 2-23-3
 Tel: 03-3635-4884 Fax: 03-3635-4886
   E-mail: joho@jeces.or.jp

Documents for writing "johkasou research"


Information/IT Group
Tel: 03-3635-4884 Fax: 03-3635-4886
E-mail: joho@jeces.or.jp
Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3635-4880 (Switchboard),

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