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Practical Seminar

 In recent years, there have been remarkable advances in sewage treatment technology for johkasou.
  In order to demonstrate the desired performance of johkasou, it is essential to acquire maintenance management technology corresponding to treatment technology, and the responsibility of maintenance management engineers is important. There is a growing awareness of its importance.
 In order to meet the needs of everyone, our education center also conducts seminars covering a wide range of topics, from basic to practical, as well as the latest information.

Reiwa 5 business seminar holding theme

*All events will be held online.
*Schedules, etc. are subject to change.note that.
Number of times
date held
Reception period
Reiwa5/6/16 (Friday)
Reiwa5/5/15 (Mon) - 6/2 (Friday)
Reiwa5/7/14 (Friday)
Structure of performance evaluation type registration johkasou and notes on maintenance (Part 8)
Reiwa5/6/12 (Monday) to 6/30 (Friday)
Reiwa5/9/22 (Friday)
johkasou trouble cases and countermeasures (14th)
Reiwa5/8/21 (Monday) to 9/8 (Friday)
Reiwa5/11/16 (Thursday)
Membrane separation type johkasou structure and maintenance considerations (7th)
Reiwa5/10/16 (Monday) to 11/2 (Thursday)
Reiwa6/2/9 (Friday)
Overseas diffusion status of johkasou and challenges for its development (Part 9)
Reiwa6/1/9(Tuesday) to 1/26 (Friday)
* Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.
*To all supporting members Corporate (organization) who is a supporting member can hold this practical seminar in their own hometown. You will be asked to select a topic (theme) from those that have been implemented so far, so please contact us for details.

Participation fee

  johkasou technology study group support member 3,000 yen
  johkasou technology study group individual member 5,000 yen
 General / others 10,000 yen
*If you join the johkasou technical study group for participating in the seminar, the membership fee for the first year will be 10,000 yen instead of 5,000 yen (please contact us for details).

About application and payment

  • Please download the participation application form from our education center website, fill in the required items, and apply by fax or email.In addition, we will refuse if we exceed the capacity of 30 people.
  • After the application period ends, we will issue a notice of attendance and an invoice.When you receive the invoice, please pay the participation fee.Please contact us in advance if your payment will be delayed.
  • Cancellation after application is not possible.Please have your representative attend.
  • Please note that refunds will not be made after the entry fee has been paid.
*Purpose of use of personal information
 Personal information (name, date of birth, address, telephone number, etc.) related to application procedures for practical seminars will not be used for purposes other than the business of this educational center.
Remittance destination
  • Bank Transfer
    MUFG Bank Ichigaya Branch (regular) 4541035 Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation

Contact Us

Information/IT Group
Tel: 03-3635-4884 Fax: 03-3635-4886
Public interest incorporated foundation
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
2-23-3 Kikugawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
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