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Practical Seminar Details

160rd Practical Seminar

The spread of johkasou overseas and challenges for its expansion (8th session)

Date and Time
Reiwa6/2/9 (Fri) 13 pm-17 pm
Online (using Zoom)
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation 
Johkasou System International Cooperation Center Leader Shinki Kumokawa
johkasou System International Cooperation Center Researcher Yurie Shirakawa
1) Sanitation improvement in developing countries and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
2) Current status and examples of decentralized wastewater treatment in developing countries
3) Overseas expansion of Japanese human waste processing and johkasou technology
4) International standardization of decentralized wastewater treatment
5) Future developments

(*The title, content, etc. have been partially changed based on the 154th Practical Seminar held on Reiwa4/11/18.)
How to Apply
After downloading the application form [PDF] or [WORD] below, fill in the necessary information and send it by FAX or e-mail.
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation
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Information/IT Group
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