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Practical Seminar Details

161rd Practical Seminar

"Johkasou Register Maintenance Manual" (3rd edition)

Date and Time
Reiwa6/7/19 (Fri) 13 pm - 17 pm
Online (using Zoom)
Japan Education Center of Environmental Sanitation 
Survey and Research Group Sub-Leader Shunsuke Hamanaka
Masahiro Yamashita, Head of Research Team 1
1) Basic principles for the positioning and development of the JOHKASOU Register
2) Procedure for building the Johkasou ledger system
3) Example of specifications for the Johkasou ledger system

(*This is based on the seminar held on Heisei28/11/25; 102nd Practical Seminar, with some changes to the content.)
How to Apply
After downloading the application form [PDF] or [WORD] below, fill in the necessary information and send it by FAX or e-mail.
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