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Johkasous Are Currently a Focus of Attention

 Water pollution in enclosed water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and inner bays has become a major social problem. The main cause is domestic wastewater, and johkasou is highly expected as a countermeasure.

 The reason for this is the numerous strengths mentioned in "This is where johkasou excels", as well as the future direction of the region.

 In the future, it is estimated that population decline and aging will accelerate in areas that require the development of domestic wastewater treatment facilities, such as regional cities with a population of 50,000 or less and hilly and mountainous areas, and the financial base of municipalities is said to be weak. I'm here.In other words, if the sewerage business were to proceed as before in such areas, the principal and interest redemption amount (repayment amount) of local bonds (debts of local governments) that could not be covered by usage fees would have a major impact on municipal finances. It is pointed out that it may not be possible to maintain administrative services that allow residents to continue to live safely and securely in the familiar town.

 In such areas, it is important for municipalities to provide residents with accurate information, and based on that information, have sincere discussions with residents about the benefits and burdens. Johkasou is attracting attention as the most influential candidate for realizing the least wasteful method that utilizes private capital and technology.

 For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment provides subsidies for installation costs, etc. to municipalities that subsidize residents who install johkasou, or to municipalities that establish and manage johkasou themselves, promoting the proper spread of johkasou. Recently, an increasing number of municipalities are subsidizing part of the costs of operation and maintenance, cleaning, and legal examinations for residents who manage their facilities properly.
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